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Blank beauty Rosehip oil works both as a treatment oil and as a glowing serum for your makeup. It’s a super hydrating organic oil that treats fine lines, sun spots, pigmentation, and dark circles while giving you the ultimate healthy and radiant glow. The powerful combination of the vitamins and fatty acids brightens the skin, restores collagen, unifies the skin’s color and doesn’t leave a greasy finish, it’s also perfect for all skin types. Use twice daily, once as a moisturizer in the morning and on cleansed face at night.



Its impressive hydrating and restorative powers reduce scars, fine lines and wrinkles, remove excess oil creating a great balance for oily skin, and improve pigmentation problems, leaving your skin feeling flawless! Our dry oil is fragrance free with a beautiful and earthy herbaceous aroma, it’s also light weight as it’s absorbed quickly into your skin due to its unique antioxidant characteristics, which penetrate the deeper layers of  your skin to give you an effortless, non greasy and healthy glow.


Rosehip oil is your “start to finish” multi-purpose product. Apply as a moisturizer base before makeup, and most importantly on cleansed face before bed. It also works great as a makeup remover, body moisturizer and under eye serum to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

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